San Francisco based apparel company, Grunard, strives to revolutionize the iconic hoodie with superior materials and sustainable practices.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–Grunard Apparel, a San Francisco based clothing company, announces the launch of the ‘Miracle Merino Hoodie’. In order to mass produce the quality apparel item, Grunard is seeking funding through Indiegogo. With a goal of $10,000, the campaign will go live on September 16, 2014. Like an infomercial, the company highlights the failures of traditional materials, such as polyester and cotton, on the crowdfunding page. With a little humor, Grunard makes the compelling case that Merino Wool is the best material to be used in sports and casual apparel.

Isaac Kneubuhl, former athlete and co-founder of Grunard, believes that Merino Wool represents the future of clothing. “It’s hard to ignore the numerous benefits the fabric has to offer,” he states as he describes the material’s benefits, including extreme softness, sweat wicking abilities, temperature regulating properties, and ability to fight odor, to name a few. “The list of superior characteristics goes on and on,” Isaac continues, “and even more amazing is the fact that it does all these things naturally, without the need for harsh chemical finishes or additives.”

Grunard seeks to break the hold that big brands have on consumers. Co-founder of the apparel company, Sudhir Chowdary Paladugu, describes, “Phrases like ‘antimicrobial silver fibers’ or ‘sweat-repelling nanotechnology’ may sound impressive but these are just marketing gimmicks used to sell cheaply produced fabrics and underperforming products.” Most consumers are unaware that polyester fabrics are petroleum based, which only fuels our dependence on oil based products. “Not only does the new Grunard Merino Wool hoodie perform as advertised, it is also comprised of a completely natural and sustainable resource,” comments Sudhir.

Supporters of the Grunard Indiegogo campaign can receive the ‘Miracle Merino Hoodie’ for a pledge of just $99, which is half of what comparable Merino Wool hoodies retail for. Four of the superior hoodies can be obtained with a pledge of $369, an even greater savings. The luxury hoodie would make a perfect gift. A preview of the campaign page can be found at

About Grunard Apparel:

Frustrated with the look and performance capabilities of available clothing, athlete and professional volleyball player, Isaac Kneubuhl, desired to design a better product. After meeting Sudhir Chowdary Paladugu, an engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in material science, the two merged their backgrounds and experiences to find a fabric that could deliver as advertised. Merino proved to be the clear solution and the Grunard name was born. All apparel created by Grunard is made in the United States of America under the best environmental practices. Founded in San Francisco, the clothing design line is all-American. Visit the company’s website at


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