Releasing an improved version of their cutting-edge 3D printer, ORD Solutions has launched a second Kickstarter campaign with much success. The campaign with one week left and expects to achieve more stretch goals.

CAMBRIDGE, Canada –RoVa3D: The first 5 material/color liquid cooled 3D printer was launched on June 23, 2014, and within two days the Kickstarter campaign made its initial goal of $25,000 CAD. Now, ORD Solutions is working toward stretch goals. So far, the $100,000 CAD stretch goal has been achieved; therefore, supporters will also receive extra accessories including Kapton tape and extra nozzles. Also, all backers being rewarded the RoVa3D have been upgraded to the 1-year extended warranty. The next stretch goal to be achieved is the $150,000 CAD level, which will enable ORD Solutions to include a basic maintenance kit with each printer. The crowdfunding campaign will close on July 28, 2014.

ORD Solution’s first Kickstarter campaign launched the release of the MH3000R1 and was very successful. The first edition, low maintenance 3D printer creates high quality prints with five colors/materials options that can print simultaneously. The new RoVa3D includes all advanced features of the previously released 3D printer plus new enhancements that have been included due to research and feedback from customers.

The RoVa3D printer includes many additional features and enhancements. Now, the printer is designed with a flatter bed for greater accuracy, allowing for a 100-micron tolerance from edge to edge. Included in the new design is a larger bed heater, creating temperatures of up to 125 degrees Celsius throughout. An automatic liquid cooling system has been integrated that is electronically controlled. Smoother filament flow is achieved with Hi FloTM Technology hot ends. Easier print set-up is accomplished through the use of the included 7” Android tablet with touch screen and SD card printing. The new printer also comes with five free spools of 3D printing filament in PLA or ABS.

Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign may be rewarded the new RoVa3D printer for a discounted price. A 5-nozzle configuration 3D printer is presented to backers with a $300 discount. ORD Solutions is also offering a visit from an ORD Solutions team member to help set up the printer by Christmas of this year. There are only five pledge slots available for the special visit. To become a supporter of the project, check out

About ORD Solutions:

ORD is Object Replication and Design. The Canadian company sells 3D printers in the industrial, commercial, and hobby market throughout the world. Founded in 2010 in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, the manufacturer’s objective is to design truly useful, high quality printing products, supplies, and accessories that can be used for automating small-scale manufacturing. In the fall of 2013, ORD Solutions ran an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign for the MH3000R1 3D printer. Rewards from the campaign were delivered in May of 2014. Visit the company’s website for more information:

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