Health and wellness speaker Kristen Adamson seeks funding to volunteer in a Kenyan orphanage.

TORONTO, CANADA—Kristen Adamson has spent the past seven years redefining herself and redirecting her life – going from a victim to a victor and leading the way for others to follow her inspired path. Now Adamson plans to begin a journey of self-discovery through volunteer work in Kenya and is seeking to raise $2,500 CAD with a crowdfunding campaign ending April 30.

Adamson has set a goal to complete a two-week volunteer project in Kenya through the organization Projects Abroad. “I am excited to serve in an orphanage and interact with the children,” said Adamson. “My volunteer duties will include bathing and feeding babies and toddlers, assisting children with homework, playing games with the children, and providing emotional support for the children.”

Now well-versed in nutrition as well as an aspiring speaker and author on how to find wholeness through health and fitness, Adamson has struggled with being overweight since the age of 10. Her life took a depressing turn when she was struck and badly injured at the age of 18 by a car while she was walking and then later diagnosed with two serious medical disorders, one of which leaves her unable to bear children.

I had to choose to leave behind my victim mentality and overcome life’s obstacles – both physically and mentally,” said Adamson. Today she has lost more than 50 pounds and has placed second in a bikini competition. “Volunteering with orphaned children is a huge goal of mine,” said Adamson. “As someone unable to have biological kids, I’m hoping it will help me redefine what motherhood can be.”

Adamson’s crowdfunding campaign will cover approximately half of her travel and lodging expenses for the project. Funds raised will go to Project Abroad and toward purchase of airfare. Supporters of Adamson’s campaign will enjoy photos and blog entry updates from her trip as well as access to her E-book Quick Guide: Shedding Body Fat via Dietary Modifications, which contains information on how she met her fitness goals.

About Kristen Adamson

Kristen Adamson is an aspiring motivational speaker and author as well as a nutrition expert, holding a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. After experiencing several life-altering setbacks, Adamson consciously improved her quality of life through fitness, health, and wellness, and it is her goal to motivate and inspire others to do the same. For more information about Kristen Adamson, visit

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