By Rod Turner CrowdfundBeat Guest post. The number of mid-stage companies and fast-paced startups turning their attention to Regulation A+ funding is continuing to gain steam. In April’s update we now have –  69 companies that have filed Open offerings with the SEC. Another 31 have filed confidentially, an interesting development, and this brings the total up to 100.   Open offerings are available for public examination from initial filing on EDGAR with the SEC. The SEC allows confidential filings so that companies can keep their corporate details undisclosed during the filing process. Confidential offerings become open by the time testing the waters or funding starts. Of the 100 filings, the SEC has Qualified 29, of which 23 are open; 6 are private. The rate of Qualification so far is one per four days. The average time from filing a Form 1-A to Qualification by the SEC is 71 days. The aggregate capital companies intend to raise from these offerings is now at $1.5B, including confidential and open filings. Reg A+’s Top three categories, as of April 2016 1) Real Estate 2) “Purchase a company” transactions 3) Banking (Many of these entrants are using Tier 1 submittals because banks are exempt from state Blue Sky […]

Reg A+ – 100 Filed, 29 Qualified, intended to raise 1.5B: CrowdFund Beat.

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