Hello, and welcome back to The Best of Kickstarter Week Two on CrowdDistrict. In this series we want to present to you a weekly round up of successful and inspiring projects gaining serious traction on Kickstarter.

Eastwood Slider Belts

Eastwood Slider Belts are a new introduction to the fashion world. These Slider belts do not use Loopholes or notches, but instead use a slide-brake system that offers maximum waist adjustment. The Eastwood Slider Belt is a unique design that combats traditional belt design. These belts have a modern style, that allow complete custom fitting. The slide-break technology alls the belt buckle to freely slide through the buckle, locking at any point along the strap. This ensures a comfortable, custom fit every time. Designer Don Wilder offers three different colors for the Eastwood, Timberline, Sandstone, and Midnight Black. These three sets complete the stylish and functionality of the Eastwood Slider Belt.



If you are one of those people who is having to  repeatedly remove their car key from their keychain quite often, the Key-Valet is right for you. The Key-Valet is an all purpose key chain has the ability to hold and remove your car key with ease. The concept of the Key-Valet ironically derives from removing your car key from your key ring when leaving your keys with Valets or at parties. For many people, security is at the top of their list, and by removing your car key from the rest of your key ring set, you are eliminating the risk of key duplications, or theft. The Key-Valet  and Key-Valet Classic plate key holder are both very functional tools that solve this issue in the most convenient way.

THE STEAL: $13 for two Key-Valet Carabiners and $19 for the Key-Valet Classic key holder


Onewheel is the new kind of skateboard that is crushing its Kickstarter campaign. The Onewheel is a self powering electric skateboard that is controlled simply by leaning your body. This unique device uses the motion sensing technology used in most smart phones along with the battery powered motor technology found in smart cars to deliver a powerful riding experience. By leaning forward, the Onewheel registers your weight as a command to move forward or go faster. To stop riders simply lean back telling the device to halt or go in reverse. The ride of the Onewheel is unlike skateboarding, but more in-tune to the feeling of surfing or snow boarding. This project has far exceeded their goal of $100,000 and currently over $316,000 pledged. This $300,000 mark has unlocked the Onewheel’s stretch goal of integrating LED lighting to provide “ground effect” illumination. As it stands this is an incredibly sophisticated vehicle that is pushing the limits of technology and vehicular transportation.

THE STEAL: $1,299 for a Onewheel

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is a tactical RPG that covers the many chapters of a fantasy world called Rasfalia. The story follows heroes who battle against kingdoms and empires within the timeline of the “Seventy-Seven Years War”. Unsung Story is layered for a very divers gameplay filled with warfare, betrayal, and espionage. With the length of each hero’s saga, creators Playdek and Final Fantasy XII’s Yasumi Matsuno, are looking to fully immerse gamers into the detail and lives of each hero. Users are able to mold individual play and adapt their characters to each scenario they face. Out of sunny Carlsbad, California, Unsung Story is working up to their goal of $600,000 with just over 50% pledged thus far. The pledge goals are cheap and great, which is probably why over 9,400 backers have donated already.

THE STEAL: $20 for a Digital Copy

The Duo Coffee Steeper

The Duo Coffee Steeper has had an entertaining campaign so far. To begin, the Enormous Industries team has put together one of the silliest and more honest Kickstarter videos I have seen in a while. This video creatively breaks down the problem at hand, while also diving into the design, and team behind Duo. Thier goal, “ to design a product that makes it easy to brew ridiculously good coffee at home.” Simple, measurable, awesome. This team has spent over eight months working on their design and have blasted through over 50 different prototypes. The dedication, honestly, and hardwork as a backer makes me very confident in the Duo Coffee Steeper. The Duo Coffee Steeper’s intend is to create a full brew of coffee without leaving any grounds in the bottom of your cup. This product can brew up to four cups of coffee without using a coffee filter or leaving coffee grounds in your cup. This team of elite product designers have explored hundreds of concepts and designs and have created a great final product, shattering their goal of $50,000 and raising over $130,000.

THE STEAL: $65 for your Duo Coffee Steeper

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