These days, crowdfunding has become the best solution to a wide range of pressing daily problems. This financing method enables entrepreneurs to perfect, launch and promote their new concepts in a more than satisfactory manner; at the same time, it gives wings to numerous social projects, created to lend a helping hand to those in need.

As we speak, a new crowdfunding feature is attracting users and supporters. The medical crowdfunding project is the result of a recent collaboration between FundRazr and The main goal of this partnership is to give more and more American people access to first-hand medical services. It’s no secret that millions of U.S. citizens are buried in massive debts; unable to cope with the huge medical bills that trigger anger and frustration.

In this context, the new crowdfunding feature, introduced by the 2 companies, seems to be an excellent concept, designed to prevent individuals with limited financial possibilities from being crushed by enormous medical expenses.

Solid numbers extracted from a 2010 study back this statement: it seems that 30 million U.S-based families were forced to deal with considerable medical debts in 2010. This is a radical growth, taking into account the fact that only 22 million people experienced the same problem in 2005.

The partnership is expected to provide excellent results. Canada-based FunRazr is no stranger to crowdfunding. In fact, the company has managed to raise a whopping 40 million dollars since 2010 and stimulate the participation of generous supporters from more than 20 countries. At the same time, half of the entire amount raised by FundRazr repaid the company’s medical crowdfunding efforts.

Representatives from think that a solid connection between crowdfunding and clever social media strategies is the key to success. They firmly believe that cohesive, focused campaigns — built around the needs of a patient struggling to overcome the pain, the suffering and the expenses triggered by his or her disease — will convince numerous supporters to get actively involved in the project. members have already set a precedent: they managed to collect no less than $31,000 for a patient diagnosed with a form of leukemia in 2013. The developers have succeeded in reaching and even surpassing their initial goal fast and with minimal effort. Encouraged by this first success, representatives from are confident that this is only the beginning. They plan to roll out numerous other similar initiatives and consider their new crowdfunding features will maximize their success rate.

This recent accomplishment proves that all kinds of creative projects serving a practical purpose can be turned into reality via crowdfunding. If you want to create and run your own campaign, but don’t know how to start, rely on the guidance and professional services offered by L&C Media Buzz, your dependable advisor. 

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