A robot that can juggle cars. And without any involvement from Michael Bay. That’s the dream. Well, maybe it’s just our dream, but a new Kickstarter project is trying to make it happen. It’s (giant robot-sized) baby-steps to start with with: the initial prototype, costing $50,000, will only be juggling weights up to a 235lb (107kg) cannonball. This early model will use the same controls and hydraulic components as the car-juggling final model, just scaled down. The robot’s interface is a wearable sleeve and glove, which will control the robot through user movement and provide haptic feedback, offering a “proportional force” when the robot catches heavy weights. If you want an idea of what Dan Granett’s BugJuggler will eventually look like, there’s a car-hurling render video right after the Kickstarter pitch — both are right after the break. And if you’re willing to stump up more than $5,000 you’ll even get the chance to through cannonball hoops with the early prototype.

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Source: BugJuggler (Kickstarter)

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