The social bracelet alerts its wearer of personal social network happenings and smart phone notifications and makes it easy to meet others with similar interests. The light-up physical icons are interchangeable and can be swapped by the wearer at any time.

MILAN, Italy– hicon—The Social Bangle, developed by Things-Lab, is the newest smart wristband. It can be customized with light-up icons of the wearer’s favorite social networks and necessary smart phone notifications. Made to simplify one’s life, it is destined to transform social interaction. The wristband connects wirelessly to any smartphone through the use of an intuitive app and Bluetooth. When an alert is sent to the owner’s iPhone, the bangle will gently vibrate and illuminate the icon of the social network being affected. When the user wants to turn off a notification, a simple wrist shake will do. To manufacture the gadget and make it available online, the company has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. With a campaign goal of $60,000 USD and a project close date of August 19, 2014, hicon may be delivered to its supporters in November.

hicon is the first wristband that connects its wearer to the social world. As well as showing the user’s personality, it can also identify other people in the vicinity that have similar interests. Wearers can set up a personal profile and control privacy settings wherever they are. When a potential friend or companion is nearby, the social bangle will blink, encouraging interaction between members of the same social networks. The ‘match’ function helps people meet and keep in contact easily in the online and physical world. Contact details and personal information from social networks can be shared with a series of predefined simple gestures.

Without needing to physically hold a phone to check each app, hicon users can be notified when updates are made to various social media profiles. Each icon can be changed in an instant by the wristbands wearer to arrange and include only the icons that are desired, making it the most customizable smart wristband designed today. It can be worn during activities when a phone must be put away. For example, it can be used while playing sports, in school, at the office, on the beach, driving, etc. The wearable device will also notify its user if the connected phone was left behind and can help find a lost phone. Using the wristband, the wearer can make a smart phone ring remotely. Phones can be located within a radius of 50-80 meters.

Recently, the wristband was improved. “Following supporter feedback, suggestions, and ideas, we have worked hard on a new and improved design for hicon. Now, the social bangle is slimmer, at only 13 mm wide, while keeping all the great features of the original design. From this date forward, all new and existing supporters that choose the bracelet as their perk will receive the newly improved model with the original expected delivery of November of 2014. Questions can be directed to us through email at [email protected],” explained Gilles Caprari, co-developer of the gadget and partner at Things-Lab.

The sand-proof, waterproof, and shock-proof wristband is made with hypoallergenic silicone. hicon is adjustable and comes in six attractive colors with new colors determined for the future. Two sets of icons comprised of the most popular social networks and smartphone alerts are included in the wristband’s package along with a USB cable for easy charging.

So far, prototypes of hicon have been created. With the funds raised through Indiegogo, we plan to perform testing and debugging, and to set up manufacturing,” stated Caprari. “We are excited for the opportunity to release the new gadget throughout Italy and abroad.”

Things-Lab S.R.L. is offering crowdfunding supporters the hicon Social Bangle in three color options for a discounted rate of $49, which is 45% off of the retail price. There are only 300 slots available for the early bird special. Other colors are available for higher contributions. To become a supporter, visit A referral contest has been launched which will grant some lucky supporters a free hicon wristband. Visit the campaign page to learn more about the bracelet’s functions, or the company’s Facebook fan page at The hicon team appreciates any help in spreading the word about the campaign. Supporters can talk with friends about the social bangle, suggest the gadget for a gift, and share the campaign URL. The email can also be forwarded to friends. Things-Lab welcomes media contacts or commercial contacts in any country, which can be sent through email or left in a comment on the campaign page. Things-Lab would like to thank backers for their support, comments, and ideas; it has been an inspiration to them.


Things-Lab S.R.L. is comprised of a team of electronic and industrial design engineers, graphic web designers, iOS and Android app developers, and social media marketing experts. hicon is the first product developed by the company and is a collaboration between Italian and Swiss engineers. For more information, visit the company’s webpage at or contact Davide Grassi at the Things-Lab press office: tel. +39 02 34538434, mob. +39 3394307749, email [email protected].


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