The creators of PhoneBuddy, a device that provides phone service and Internet access to mobile phones, seek crowdfunding.

BEIJING, CHINA— Between a land line and a mobile phone package, staying connected can be expensive. Realizing that many people waste money on carrying both services, creators of the PhoneBuddy have found a way to utilize a land line to provide not only home phone service but also mobile phone and Internet service. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise $100,000 by September 4 in order to begin production of the product.


PhoneBuddy is a creative product that is able to realize free Internet calling by transforming a private land line into a smart platform that provides free phone calls and free Internet access and even allows users to make money by selling spare resources in the landline. With PhoneBuddy, there is no need to purchase network telephone cards, like SKYPE, and it is better and cheaper than the balloon project of Google and more secure than Bit coin. “Our team is trying to become the biggest telecom operator around the world so that every user can participate in this project,” said Dr. Wei Shen, PhoneBuddy’s project manager. “Our design is somewhat similar to the British company Giffgaf.”


Using two separate hardware boxes in order to keep costs low, PhoneBuddy is comprised of a Phone Box and a Buddy Box that are connected by a USB cable. The Phone Box is the part of the hardware that allows phone calls while the Buddy Box is the part of the hardware that allows Internet browsing, videos, and video games. “Users are able to access their landline resources remotely via a mobile app,” said Shen. “By using the landline that is already purchased, there is no need for a mobile plan.”


Utilizing the phone app, users of the PhoneBuddy can initiate phone calls or web browsing free of charge. The phone call function is clear and not fuzzy like traditional VoIP, and PhoneBuddy also ensures security by requiring a real-time password. Since PhoneBuddy uses a landline, it enjoys some landline-based perks, such as inclusion on the “do not call list” for solicitors. It can also be upgraded to provide voice messages transferred directly to a cell phone.


Contributors to the PhoneBuddycrowdfunding campaign will enjoy special pricing on the Phone Box and Buddy Box. The first 100 supporters contributing $5 will receive a $20 discount on the PhoneBuddy, including the early bird package. For a contribution of $101, supporters will receive a special Phone Box that connects with an Andriod TV Box to receive free WiFi phone calls. Those contributing $119 will receive a special Early Bird price on a regular Phone Box while those contributing $128 will receive a special Early Bird price on a regular Buddy Box. Starting at $198, families can receive a package of two Phone Boxes or for $249 families can receive a package of two Buddy Boxes. The campaign also includes Enterprise Packages for those looking to buy 25 Phone Boxes or 50 Buddy Boxes for use in their business.


With PhoneBuddy, you are the telecom and network operator. On this stage, every participant will be the winner,” said Shen.


About PhoneBuddy


Inspired to take control of their own mobile phone minute usage, the team of innovators who make PhoneBuddy created the first prototype of in February 2014 and perfected it by May 2014. The team specializes in innovation, new product development, communication, software and hardware development, digitalization, and user experience. For more information, visit To contribute to the company’s crowdfunding campaign, visit

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