These days, ingenious people who are not afraid to dream big and pursue their creative ambitious have the chance to test a wide range of tools and services, designed to help them attain their crowdfunding goals. Entrepreneurs get to promote their new business ventures on their personal blogs and also on some of the most respectable crowdfunding environments, like Kickstarter, Rockethub and Indiegogo, for instance. The great news is that you can use more than one channel to deliver your message to a large pool of backers.

Representatives from IgnitionDeck, one of the most popular crowdfunding plugins used by bloggers, plan to make things a whole lot easier for individuals and companies that are currently relying on their one-of-a-kind product to raise capital. The company has recently announced a new feature: the “Kickstarter import,” extension elaborated to lend a helping hand to those who have completed successful fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter.

After paying $79, clients get a license for the much-appreciated IgnitionDeck plugin. Needless to say that the WordPress plugin can trigger considerable financial savings, allowing users to avoid the so-called “success fees” demanded by most platforms, once the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end.

The new feature would enable people to transfer data from their Kickstarter accounts and reflect the total amount of money raised via crowdfunding on their personal blogs. Moreover, those who choose to give the green light to campaigns developed and run in the same timeframe on their website and on Kickstarter can use the new feature to get hourly updates and reveal the amount of cash collected on both platforms in an accurate, transparent manner.

In other words, crowdfunding enthusiasts can pick up where they left off, by simply aggregating info from Kickstarter into the new fundraising project launched through IgnitionDeck.

By using this feature, users would be able to reinforce their bond with their audience and earn the trust of potential supporters by highlighting their continuous crowdfunding efforts, their perseverance and their absolute transparency. We all know that most people are reluctant to join a cause and make a financial contribution, especially when the team members behind the ongoing campaign don’t have any other supporters on their side.

This is precisely why the Kickstarter import feature is expected to become the next best thing for bloggers seeking financial aid: it unveils the contribution of previous backers and it also enables developers to build trust and credibility. In addition, IgnitionDeck is a remarkably accessible tool, taking into consideration that most crowdfunding platforms charge 4 or 5% of the overall amount of money collected by a company or an individual.

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