Pilot Electronics launches crowdfunding campaign for new GoDrive, which combines the utility of a USB drive with the flexibility of a micro SD card reader for use in smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more.

LOS ANGELES, CA—Although many solutions for data storage currently exist, the most dependable and economical type of storage is still the USB drive. Unlike the cloud’s virtual storage, the old fashioned USB drive is tangible, easy to use, and safely stores data offline. USB drives are also portable enough to manage data on the go. Pilot Electronics has improved upon the classic USB drive and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $40,000 by December 17 to help finalize its GoDrive product design and get it on the market.


Equipped with both a conventional USB 2.0 Standard-A connector and a micro-B USB, GoDrive features an optional micro SD card slot for expandable memory. Extra data storage enables users to access their favorite pre-loaded media without having access to a mobile Internet connection.

It also enables users to take more videos and photos from their mobile devices, which frees up space without the need to delete any data. “GoDrive’s cross device compatibility will make it one of the most versatile data storage solutions on the market,” said Pilot Electronics CEO Calvin Wang. “It can expand the storage on all devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, phablets, notebooks, smart TVs, and other smart devices.”


Unlike other USB drives, GoDrive is also a micro SD card reader, which means users can continually expand their data storage capacity by swapping out their micro SD card. Never again will they be constrained by built-in storage. GoDrive is designed to last and securely store data with protective caps on both the micro USB port and micro SD card slot, and its keychain or lanyard hole design also helps users keep their GoDrive at hand whenever they are on the move.


Pilot Electronics has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finalize the GoDrive design and bring the product to market. Supporters of the campaign will receive a product discount. Early birds pledging $12 or more will receive one black GoDrive OTG USB Micro SD card reader while those pledging $22 will receive two. Supporters pledging $25 or more will receive the on-the-go care package, which includes one GoDrive OTG USB Micro SD card reader, one Pilot Electronics Electroluminescent Charge and Sync Light Pulse Cable, and one dual USB travel charger. Supporters pledging $38 or more will receive a four-pack of GoDrive OTG USB Micro SD card readers while those pledging $95 or more will receive a 10-pack of GoDrive OTG USB Micro SD card readers.


About Pilot Electronics


For more information, visit PilotElectronic.com, or to see a video demonstration, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBveg4-smUk. To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit kck.st/1vFYMKM


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