Its no secret that SnapChat has blown up in the past year, becoming one of the most popular and sought after applications in the world. Ever since they denied Facebook’s $3 Billion offer, SnapChat’s user base has skyrocketed, projecting over a total of 30 million users at the end of 2013.

With SnapChat users collectively receiving over 400 million Snaps per day, its quite obvious that user activity is on the rise. Out of those 400 million, 88% of Snaps sent are only meant for one other person. Now what do those Snaps consist of you may ask? They could be anything from pictures of new dogs, children saying absurd things, or more recently artistic masterpieces using Snapchat’s Draw feature.

In the recent Snapchat craze, many users have resorted to purchasing a touch screen stylus in hopes of pushing their SnapChat abilities to the next level. A stylus can be used to capture extreme detail due to the precision and functionality. But what stylus is right for you? What stylus can also carry multiple functions and is not just for taping your screen?

Images courtesy of Kevin Mutch SnapChat Photography

The Bpen

The Bpen is the world’s first pen, stylus, and smartphone holder that works with any device.

The Bpen is backed by creative group Bondi. Bondi is built from a team of innovative product creators lead by their fearless leader Lior Avrahami. For years Bondi has been inventing device accessories geared to enhancing the functionality of mobile devices.

Bondi’s next invention is the Bpen. The Bpen is a 2-in-1 device that functions as a regular ink pen as well as a stylus for your touch screen device. This pen uses regular ink and functions exactly the same as a regular writing utensil. On the other end there is a special rubber tip that can be used as a stylus on any touch screen device.

A couple reasons to use a stylus for your device other than SnapChat:

1. Hands and fingers can a spread germs

2. The tip of a stylus is more precise than your finger

3. Individuals with mild to moderate orthopedic disabilities use a stylus rather than their fingers

4. Protect your screen from scratches

The Bpen can also be used as a stand for your device. At its upper end, there’s a small plug that fits into all Smart phone and tablet’s headphone jacks. This function allows you to place your Smartphone vertically or horizontally.

This project, recently launched on Kickstarter offers not only the Bpen, but a Mini B-pen for your key chain. As project rewards go, this is a fairly reasonable product, with the Bpen listed at $25 and the Bpen Key Holder at $15. This campaign is at its early stages, but with a goal of $5,000 and 36 days to go, I have faith that the Bpen will reach their goal.

If you want to explore your artistic talents, have more precision with your smart device, or collect multifunctional pens, the Bpen is right for you.

THE STEAL: $15 for the Bpen Key Holder and $25 for the Bpen

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