NEW YORK – Nov. 24, 2015  – The Soho Loft Conferences with Victoria Global present Master Class: Real Estate Alternative Financing Conference (Crowdfunding, Reg A+, Reg D, Rule 506 C, Direct Public Offering), this 9 December 2015 from 9:30am until 5:00pm in New York City

Media, academia, crowd and institutional investors along with real estate investors, entrepreneurs and professionals are expected to convene in New York for this much awaited conference.

LDJ Capital Chairman, David Drake says, “The master class we conducted this November was a huge success and that’s why we are offering another one in  December. This conference shouldn’t be missed by anyone in the real estate industry who wants to master alternative financing.”

Limited only to twenty participants, the whole day will be dedicated to a master class. There will be two panel discussions and two workshops. It will be followed by an On-the-spot Consultation, an Open Forum and a Q&A session. The participants will have a chance to ask questions to the resource persons, find out top 3 alternative finance secrets and learn more about their businesses. There will also be networking breaks and an after-event cocktail party, allowing the participants to mingle and expand their network.

Limited only to twenty participants, the whole day will be dedicated to a master class.

The panel discussions and workshop topics include: knowing how to get investors to fund your realty offering through debt or equity crowdfunding; being able to get crowd investors to fund your projects using crowdfunding and the new regulation A +; finding institutional investors and family offices to finance your projects using Regulation D Rule 506c; and financing your real estate through online platforms with or without a broker-dealer.

The resource persons are David Drake, Scott Andersen, ConsultDA and FinLawyer; and Scott Purcell, Founder and CEO of FundAmerica.

The Diamond sponsor for this conference is Victoria Global. The gold sponsors are Drake Hospitality Group, Victoria Partners, LDJ Real Estate Group, Family Offices Today, ConsultDA, FinLawyer, Times Impact Publications, and LDJ Capital. The media partners are Global Crowd News, Times Realty News and The Soho Loft News.

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