One hundred and eight films across categories, from narratives to documentary shorts, from animation to experimental creations — it’s time again for Brooklyn Film Festival! Recently, we were looking at the film roster and realized that it features more than a handful of films funded on Kickstarter, so we thought we’d round them all up here. All the information about showtimes and more can be found here on BFF’s site. Congrats to everyone!

Funny Bunny 

Funny Bunny is a film about complicated characters: an anti-childhood-obesity crusader meets a peculiar 19-year-old of some means; the plot then thickens when they embark on a quest to find a shut-in named Ginger who’s also an animal activist. 

God Bless The Child 

God Bless the Child is a film about a day in the life of five siblings, left alone by their mother on a summer’s day — and the fantastic chaos that ensues. 

Manson Family Vacation

Manson Family Vacation is the story of two brothers who’ve never gotten along, played by Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips. When one of them shows up in LA, the other decides to show him around — only to find that he just wants to visit the sites of the Manson murders. 

And It Was Good 

And It Was Good is a short film about a couple just trying to figure out how to live, featuring dance, beautiful cars, time that moves in unpredictable ways, and characters called the End, the Enemy, and the Eccentric Stranger. 

Girls Gone J-1 

Girls Gone J-1 is a darkly comic film about a young woman, Nina, living in Brighton Beach, NY on a J-1 visa — and the precarious and desperate situations she faces as she tries to keep her life together.

How To Be A Black Panther 

A film about a Chinese-American teenager on the Fourth of July in 1986, How to Be a Black Panther takes on themes of loneliness, injustice, love, and revelation at a time of social unrest and transformation across the world.


This short film explores some elements of London’s Hasidic Jewish community, but it’s also a film about a character in conflict with aspects of himself: a young man named Shmiel who abandons his religion and leaves home.

20 Years Of Madness 

This documentary follows the cast of a mid-’90s public television show from Metro Detroit as they reunite twenty years later to make a new episode. 

Deep Web 

Deep Web is the story of the Silk Road, Bitcoin, and how they’ve impacted the internet — as well as how this pivotal cultural moment will shape our future.

Frame By Frame 

In 1996, the Taliban banned photography in Afghanistan; in 2001, the suppression disappeared with the end of the regime. Frame by Frame is a film exploring the rise of documentary photography in Afghanistan, as told through the experiences of four young photojournalists. 

Wild Home

After he was injured in Vietnam, Bob Miner returned home, and he has been caring for animals since then. What started as a form of therapy for him has morphed into an animal rehabilitation center that helps more than 200 species.

The Ratslayer of Hillside New Jersey

The Rat Slayer is a real guy: Frank Balun, a grandfather and war vet who trapped and killed a rat that had been eating his prize tomatoes. The uproar that resulted involved the ASPCA, late-night television, and a media frenzy. This is his strange story. 


An animated film whose main character is (you guessed it) a roll of toilet paper, T.P. is sixteen minutes of the strangely emotional journey of a bathroom essential. 

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