The Charged Card, shown here with the Apple 30-pin connector. Lightning and Micro-USB versions are also available.

(Credit: RevCity)

It happens to everyone: Your phone’s battery runs dry right when you need to make an important call, answer an important e-mail, or see the crucial last few minutes of an episode of “Sherlock.” And there’s no outlet or charger nearby to give you that little bit of extra juice.

Enter Charged Card, a mobile charger that’s slim enough to slip in your wallet. It’s an Indiegogo project with a goal of $6,000 in funding.

Not to be confused with the ChargeCard, which is merely a credit card-size sync/charge cable, the Charged Card packs a 400mAh battery in a plastic shell that measures just 5 millimeters thick (about the same as three credit cards).

That’s not enough power to fully recharge your phone, but it should boost it by anywhere from 12 to 30 percent, according to the developer.

Also packed into that shell are a USB connector and your choice of three other connectors: Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning, or Micro-USB. Both plugs reside on rubber arms that bend out from the card. (In an ideal world, that second arm would have multiple connectors, but for now you’ll have to pick the one that matches your device.)

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In addition to providing some extra mobile power, the Charged Card lets you sync your phone with your PC. It also has a tiny LED flashlight.

The gizmo is expected to retail for $39.99, but early Indiegogo backers can get one (in either black or white) for as little as $30, with an estimated delivery date of March of this year.

Given that it’s only a bit thicker than the aforementioned ChargeCard, but does a lot more, the Charged Card looks like something I’d consider backing. Your thoughts?

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