by Ronald Kleverlaan, CrowdfundBeat guest contributor Last week I visited the E-Estonia showroom in Talinn to see first handed the progress in e-Governance of Estonia and to meet Kaspar Korjus, the program manager of the coolest governmental start-up in the world, the e-Residency project, and discovered that this government backed e-identity program could solve a number of problems for current Crowdfunding platforms. e-Residency The e-Residency offers every world citizen a government-issued digital identity card. It is possible to open a bank account, start a business (Estonia holds the world-record of establishing a new business in 18 minutes) and pay (Estonian) taxes online. The government plans to grow to 10 million e-Residents by 2020. The list of services is expanding rapidly within Estonia, but one of the most interesting possibilities for international usage is the use of the e-Residency card for Crowdfunding. Possibilities for Crowdfunding This government issued digital identity card can solve a number of problems for Crowdfunding and Alternative Finance platforms, such as KYC-regulations, cross-border investments and e-voting for shareholders in Equity crowdfunding projects. The e-Residency card is distributed through embassies worldwide, where you have to authenticate yourself with your normal passport and provide fingerprints. Before that, the government already did a background check on the person applying. This gives the highest […]

Estonian e-Residency can boost the growth of Crowdfunding by e-voting & KYC support: CrowdFund Beat.

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