Entrepreneurs and organizations often rely on crowdfunding to raise capital fast and with minimal effort. They introduce their creative idea in a unique manner, highlight its potential benefits and manage to stimulate the generosity of their backers. Their crowdfunding campaign opens the doors to much-needed financial aid and inexpensive marketing strategies that keep their initiative in the public eye.

It’s not very difficult to bring social causes into the spotlight, while discovering the benefits of good crowdfunding strategies, especially during this time of the year — when more and more people choose to become do-gooders and help the less fortunate ones. In this context, a new project with a highly-beneficial social impact has been recently introduced, in an attempt to remove illegal, no longer wanted guns from the streets of San Jose.

Extremely concerned about the elevated crime rates recorded in this area, local officials have decided to support this much-needed project and lend a helping hand by promoting it in a highly-effective manner.

As a result, the San Jose Gun Buyback project has already captured the attention of 36 contributors, who have managed to accumulate a little over $4,000. While this may seem a small amount, compared to thousands of dollars gathered by companies on major crowdfunding platforms, it is still considered an excellent start by the developers of this project, who hope to collect $10,000 by the end of their fundraising campaign.

In fact, this is the first project of this kind organized in this region since 1995. At the same time, organizers think that their idea has a lot of potential and can save the lives of numerous people, who can easily become the victims of perpetrators involved in gang activities. Two similar gun buyback campaigns, organized a few months ago in Santa Clara County, have brought more than $170,000, meaning that their developers have succeeded in taking more than 1,700 illegal guns off the streets.

As expected, this ambitious crowdfunding project has attracted the support of numerous local public figures. Jeff Rosen, the Santa Clara County District Attorney is only one of them. According to Rosen, the district attorney’s office intends to make a generous donation of no less than $10,000 to fund this project.

The money will come from funds confiscated from local criminals, including drug traffickers. At the end of the day, officials involved in this campaign hope to make San Jose a much safer place.

This recent initiative proves that online fundraising strategies are a major ally for the backers of social causes. If you have an amazing creative idea, but require financial aid to put theory into practice, rely on crowdfunding to see your dream come true.

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