The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global present the Virtual Master Class on Reg A+ and Reg D, Rule 506 C on September 3, 2015


NEW YORKAug. 29, 2015 — On Thursday, 3  September 2015, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and investors will attend a Virtual Master Class on real estate investing. This 2-hour event is scheduled to start at 2pm and conclude at 4pm. The focus of the virtual master class will be alternative financing, specifically private placement and #crowdfunding through Regulation D, Rule 506 C and Regulation A+. The virtual master class will provide a platform for investors and developers in real estate to converse about the pitfalls and opportunities that the new regulations present in raising capital or project funding, with or without broker dealers. The virtual master class has a participant limit of 10 people. This is not just another online course but it is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and investors in the real estate industry who are serious about making use of these new regulations and moving into alternative financing.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global says, ‘Both Reg A+ and Reg D have their merits and demerits in crowdfunding and this is what this Virtual Master Class will be looking at. It is important that entrepreneurs and investors seek advice on whether to make offering using Reg A or Reg D. For instance, Reg A+ is expensive compared to its 50 million dollar raise limit. Reg D, Rule 506 C has an exemption that allows entrepreneurs to raise unlimited capital as long as they do that through an authorized broker dealer. On the other hand, under Reg D, Rule  506 C, you can only have up to 35 investors who are not accredited while Reg A+ does not have a limit, it allows startups to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors, of course with amount limits.”

The advanced virtual master class will feature participant presentations on their specific businesses. During this session, participants can expect valuable advice and consultation on strategies that they can apply in identifying the most suitable crowdfunding platforms, finding investors, using appropriate media to reach target backers or investors plus any other advice and tips that meet their specific needs. The virtual master class agenda also features a comprehensive session covering ‘Regulation A+’ and ‘Regulation D, Rule 506 C’. Under Regulation A+, participants can expect to learn more about ‘Offerings in Tier I of up to 20 million dollars and Offerings in Tier II of up to 50 million dollars’, ‘Requirements for Disclosure’, ‘Eligible and Ineligible Issuers’ and ‘Investment Limitations’. Under Regulation D, Rule 506 C, participants will get information about ‘Private Placement Advertising’, ‘How to verify accreditation of Investors’, ‘Provisions on ‘Bad Actors’’, ‘Events that can get issuers disqualified from applying Rule 506’ and ‘Implications of broker-dealers’.

The Virtual Master Class session will be hosted by David Drake. He  will also speak during the Virtual Master Class session along with Scott Andersen (, FinLawyer and ConsultDA and Scott Purcell, Fund America.

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