Emily Best | BackStage | July 21, 2014 – So far, we’ve covered how to begin to engage your community (long before you think of crowdfunding!) and everything you need to consider leading up to the launch of a campaign. But let’s talk about execution and aftermath. Crowdfunding, like filmmaking, is won and lost in the prep. That said, you can’t just take a campaign live and hope everyone flocks to it. Each day requires careful maintenance, and the name of the game is momentum. Each day your campaign updates, emails and social media posts should be telling the world you’re that much closer to your inevitable success. Ironically, one of the most important tactics for creating this excitement is really boring: You need that written schedule! We’ve talked about organizing all the elements (outreach email lists, your materials, your partners and key influencers, and the language you want to use to reach them all) into a schedule you can execute. If you want to see what one of those schedules looks like—for either pre-campaign or during your campaign—we have them available for download on Seed&Spark here. Why? Because this is real life! Many artists make rent money as freelancers, […]

6 Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: CrowdFund Beat.

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