Welcome to the first of many Best of Kickstarter campaigns presented by CrowdDistrict. In this series we want to present to you a weekly round up of successful and inspiring projects gaining serious traction on Kickstarter.

The Pocket Drone

To kick off the best of Kickstarter Week One, CrowdDistrict would like to introduce The Pocket Drone. The Pocket Drone is the world’s first personal flying drone that is powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera (GoPro) and is small enough to maneuver and transport anywhere.  The main goal of the Pocket Drone is to fully enable anyone to capture amazing aerial images, understand unique over ground perspectives, and essentially merge the power of the personal camera with flight.

The Pocket Drone key features

1. Ready to fly (RTF) with everything you need out of the box and quick to deploy

2. Advanced software and systems with autopilot and “follow me” mode

3. Longest flight time of any multicopter under $500

4. High quality materials and components

5. Upgradeable, expandable and hackable

The Pocket Drone reached their goal of  $35,000 in less than 24 hours, and will break the $100,000 mark by the end of today. This drone was also selected as a finalist in the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014 at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. What a week for this team!


The Japanese Game

The Japanese Game is a new card game that gets non Japanese speaking players building sentences in no time. This hybrid of Hooked on Phonics and Rossetta Stone gives players the ability to learn the Japanese language and writing style in a fun way.

The cards in this game have Japanese words on them, along with the character acccosiated with each word. The point of the game is to follow the marking to help you put your words into a grammatically correct sentence. The Japanese game is fit for all ages and can cater to beginning level learners as well as experienced Japanese speakers.

“For students who happen to be learning the Japanese writing systems of Hiragana and Katakana or Kanji, this game is an excellent help. In fact, if you’re studying Japanese, there’s even a pledge level at which I will turn your vocabulary list into a deck!”

THE STEAL: $20 for your own deck

Original Pin

Original Pin is the best way to teach and explore photography. Original Pin uses pinhole technology to express the essentials of photographic concepts into their basic foundations. Basically the Original Pin teaches you how to understand and use light. Light is one of the largest factors in photography that can be manipulated in order to enhance your images. The downfall to light is that it can also ruin great shots. Original Pin teaches you the fundamentals of aperture; letting light in and for how long.

THE STEAL: $55 for your Original Pin kit

Something Terrible

Something Terrible is an autobiographical comic that paces through the recovery of trauma through a childhood perspective. Something Terrible follows creator Dean Trippe’s effects of childhood abuse into his adult life.

Trippe’s story expresses the therapeutic nature of fictional heroes and how childhood development is so fragile, that the smallest things can effect you for the rest of your life. Trippe’s work was been well regarded and highly reviewed inside and outside of the creative community, and has been featured on several Best Comics of 2013 lists, including Wired and Mental Floss.

This comic has become a great way for others to engage in thier own road to recovery, as well as experience child abuse from a unique perspective. With well regarded popularity, he goal of this campaign is to print of 2,000 copies of a new 36 page novel.

THE STEAL: $10 for a digital copy of Something Terrible

That concludes our round up for the Best of Kickstarter Week One. Stay tuned for more to come, and please check out some of our other features here on CrowdDistrict. Also, if you liked this article and would like to see more, apply for residency and become a member of the CrowdDistrict community.

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