It’s no secret that some entrepreneurs are truly gifted, when it comes to raising money online, via crowdfunding, from perfect strangers. Some of them have a truly brilliant product or service.

Others know how to bond with their audience, while the truly fortunate ones have everything it takes to create and run a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. Jasco Games can be listed in the last category. The company has recently taken its Mega Man board game to the next level, by relying on Kickstarter, one of the most popular crowdfunding websites at this point in time.

The Texas-based business proves once more that tabletop gaming represents one of the main types of successfully funded projects and that people simply can’t get enough of games, gadgets and innovative IT products.

The campaign developers have managed to raise a whopping $200,000 in only a few hours. Wondering what’s their secret? It involves hours of hard work, a good product, excellent promotion strategies, their ability to bond with backers and clever stretch goals.

Since the modest $70,000 campaign goal has already been met, company representatives are now trying to create and follow realistic stretch goals. Their approach is very ingenious: the creative minds involved in this project plan to expand their already popular game by enabling supporters to unlock additional features. This way, contributors are encouraged to make an additional $5 pledge.

One thing’s certain: Jasco Games knows how to build trust and how to stimulate the interest and the generosity of its potential donors. The developers have recently announced that they have already invested a significant amount of time and money in their latest product. The Kickstarter campaign is just a method to raise more money fast and improve their original creative idea. At this point, game components are in their last development phases.

Clearly, Jasco Games is determined to prove its seriousness and its commitment in front of a large audience. Up until now, the company has succeeded in attracting no less than 1, 600 enthusiastic backers. They are eager to welcome many more, and have already highlighted their readiness to create and deliver tempting rewards.

As we speak, they are relying on their supporters to attain their stretch goals, raise more money and come up with an improved version of their product. With plenty of time left on its clock, Jasco Games could easily run a crowdfunding campaign designed to make history.

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