Collecting Subscribers, Heightening Exposure and Procuring Capital Online With a CrowdFunding Mailing List

A common piece of advice marketers give to campaigns is to assemble a crowdfunding mailing list. Doing so opens communication between projector creators and their backers, making it easy to inform said supporters of the campaign’s progress and developments. Gathering hundreds of email addresses, however, can be a challenge. Browse the tips and tricks below to stir ideas relevant to your own campaign. Remember always to tell your subscribers what to expect before signing up and to provide them with an opt-out option.

Crowdfunding Mailing List Tips and Tricks

• Direct traffic onto your homepage or landing page and draw attention to the e-mail signup box in the top banner, sidebar or footer;
• Incorporate email signup into all account registration and download forms;
• Install a popup window on your campaign’s blog that invites readers to join your crowdfunding mailing list;
• Offer incentives to current subscribers to build a referral system (i.e. perk upgrades);
• Promote email subscription discounts and specials to compound the success of your referral system;
• Invite inquires to initiate future email communication;
• Create blog content that attracts readers back to the site in order to improve your conversion rates;
• Host offline and online events (i.e. meet-ups, seminars, conferences, launch parties, etc.) and collect participant contact information;
• Enable social sharing buttons, particularly “email to a friend,” on all campaign updates, blogs and social releases;
• Structure a multi-tier subscription system so that users can receive content depending on their involvement or interest in the campaign.

Responsible Online Conduct and Anti-Spam Compliance

Use the suggestions above with respect to various subscriber preferences and to the laws in your home country. Some email marketing platforms include subscriber management for compliancy purposes, but it is still your duty to understand the laws and behave accordingly. For starters, read through the following rules and regulations for Canada (CASL), the US (CAN-SPAM) and the UK (EC Directive).

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