The creators of the Human Strain Group seekcrowdfunding to make cyberpunk tribute game Blood Circuit.

TOGLIATTI, RUSSIA—Although technological advances in video games have allowed for enhanced game play, the Russian-based Human Strain Group of game makers is nostalgic for a time when video games were more focused on art instead of industry. The group has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $450,000 by September 16, to develop their new game Blood Circuit paying tribute to BloodNet, a role-playing cyberpunk game from 1993.

Not to be confused with a remake or a sequel to BloodNet, Blood Circuit is an all-new role-playing game set in a cyberpunk future that is inspired by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson novels. Set in a futuristic Neo New York full of mega-corporations, game players will have to use their wits, develop their skills, and rely on teammates to battle vampires. “BloodNet made a big impression on us back in the 90s, and we want to show respect for the game that inspired us,” said Human Strain Group director andlead programmerIlyaKurochkin. “Rather than mess with the original, we are creating a new game with the same sense of adventure.”

In order to make the best possible game, the Human Strain Group will offer an online Community Development Portal to those who help fund its campaign. Users will be able to directly tell game developers their ideas and discuss game production as well as share in-game footage and get updates on game development. “We will be polling our users on a weekly basis to get their input,” said Kurochkin. “We want our fans to be able to influence our decisions.”

Rather than go through a publisher, the Human Strain Group will spend the next year-and-a-half making a complete product, not just an untested prototype, of Blood Circuit. Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will receive various perks starting with a digital copy of the game for $15. Supporters contributing $25 will receive a digital copy of the game as well as a digital copy of the game soundtrack, exclusive wallpaper, and an invitation to the Community Development Portal. Other perks for larger contributions range from a boxed copy of the game to access to the developers section of the portal to a character in the likeness of the sponsor put in the game to a personal visit from the team.


About Human Strain Group

The Human Strain Group is comprised of experiencedinternational designers, programmers, writers, and artists working together with the common goal of creating the cyberpunk game Blood Circuit, a tribute to the old game BloodNet. For more information or to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit

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