Guys, you guys! It’s finally spring! Or at least it is, technically speaking. You might still be sitting under a massive crap clump of snow, but there’s plenty to ease your mind. A walking city that looks like it came out of the movie Up? Sure. Massive mist cannons in the bowels of NYC keeping the air clean? That works too. Come check ‘em out below:

The awesome spaceship and vehicle concepts of Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson is one of my favorite concept designers of all time, a true master (both figuratively and literally). Anyone who loves science fiction and space and cars and mechs and any kind of awesome vehicle should own at least Blast and Drive. Here’s a tiny sample of his extraordinary work.

Photo wizard warps reality, invokes interdimensional wormholes on Earth

What would it look like to travel through a wormhole? Maybe a little bit like this new photo series from Randy Scott Slavin. “Alternate Perspectives Two” challenges the very definition of panorama, turning simple landscapes into 360-degree spheres of beauty. You almost want to fall right into the photos, just to see where in the universe you’d emerge.

The Untold History of Ugliness

We’ve all had that moment while perusing a flea market or junk store when you stumble across an item and have to yelp, “Good lord, that is ugly!” So ugly, in fact, you have to marvel that it even got made in the first place.

A Gigantic Walking City That Farms the Desert As It Moves

Living in the desert is no piece of cake. So to imagine a glittering city in the desert is to imagine something awesome and fantastical—and maybe a touch of crazy. Like architect Stephane Malka’s, “The Green Machine,” a mobile city on caterpillar treads that farms the desert as it walks.

The Huge Mist Cannons That Keep the Air Clean in NYC’s New Tunnels

We’ve followed the $10.8 billion East Side Access project, which will extend the Long Island Railroad from Queens to Grand Central, all year. But now that the tunnels have been blasted, new machines are arriving—and they’re just as cool as the tunnel borers.

This Incredible Reflective Bike Glows Like A Stop Sign At Night

I saw a magical commuter bike this week. It’s called The Lumen, and it’s hand-made by the good folks at San Francisco’s Mission Bicycle Company. By day, the frame and wheels are a beautiful deep grey that barely borders on black, but in night lights—or a flash—they turn retro-reflective like the snazzy part of a stop sign.

The World’s Largest Telescope Is Finally Getting Underway

It’s been almost five years since Gizmodo first reported on the Thirty Meter Telescope, a mega-telescope with a resolution ten times that of the Hubble. Now, it seems the long-delayed project’s time has come: Hawaii has agreed to lease a parcel of land for the telescope, and officials say construction could begin as soon as April.

I Didn’t Know Garage Doors Could Be This Cool

San Francisco, as everyone who lives there knows, is a city desperate for more space. But making due with a small lot can sometimes lead to amazing things—like this 1,900-square-foot home designed by Craig Steely.

This Woodworking Robot Used To Build Cars and Trucks

The auto industry in the US hit a few speed bumps over the past few years, and while many factories have closed, it’s good to see that some workers, like this industrial robot arm, have managed to find work elsewhere. Instead of building sedans, this arm now lathes solid blocks of maple into lovely wooden stools.

The College Kid Who Built a Secret Tunnel Underneath the Berlin Wall

At its peak, the Berlin Wall was 100 miles long. Today only about a mile is left standing. Compared with other famous walls in history, this wall had a pretty short life span.

This Mobile Sauna Will Warm You Up After Surfing A Snowy Beach

Surfing is a thrill but, depending on where and when you hit the waves, it can be cold. Really cold. Like, super cold. And there’s only so much a wetsuit can do. So, in lieu of searching for an endless summer, this customized, completely mobile Surf Sauna is ready to warm you up once you emerge from the ocean.

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