Since I have yet to ever have a golden egg before, this project was very interesting to me. For those who have never experienced the apparent wonder of a golden egg, it’s the process of scrambling an egg while it’s still inside the shell. After doing so, you can hard boil them and serve them in a way most culinary experts might on an episode of Iron Chef.

Until now, the only way to accomplish this was to employ a DIY method that involved cutting a piece of nylon and twisting the rope in a fashion similar to The Goose.

The Goose works by placing the egg inside a specially designed case with sufficient padding to protect the egg. The user then twists the rope on both sides of the egg and spins the eggs which scrambles the egg white and yolk together.

Breaking Down The Campaign

The Goose team led by Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design in Chicago has the benefit of a very cool product. Immediately, the project separates itself from poor projects and trendy projects like those raising funds for a wallet. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be a device like this on the open market.

Video – The Goose team had a very informative video but could have kept it a little bit shorter. At 3 minutes and 38 seconds long, they should have edited down as much as possible.

Pledge Goals – At 10 total pledge goals, they utilized the perfect amount of options. Generally projects want to stay within 7-9 pledge tiers. The Goose team employed a very nice early bird allowing 200 people to get in at a $18 price. The next tier for the actual product is at $24 which is still a reasonale price for a kitchen utensil.

Product Images & Copy – The goose team did an amazing job displaying high resolution photos of their product and what it could be used for. This helps the backer visualize what their product could be used for and of course, helps bloggers like myself write about them.

Credible Team Led By Geriat Krumpe

As mentioned, the Goose is led by Geriat Krumpe of Y Line Design. According to his bio, the Northwestern Alum has over 12 years of experience and contributed to 60 patents. His resume clearly displays a strong understanding of product design and we believe his boutique design studio bring tremendous.

While some may argue that projects with credible have failed or delivered poor projects, we can only convey that a team with an impressive resume is better than one with none. Since Krumpe and his Y Line Design have a history of creating products for the consumer market, we can make an educational decision that he can deliver a quality product on time.

Can The Product Actually Be Made?

We don’t doubt the product will have any isues utilzing centifugal force to spin the egg. The only 2 questions are: Will the egg spin enough to scramble it? Will the egg break?

To answer the first question, yes. As seen in some DIY videos here, the user does not need to spin the egg at high speeds to accomplish a finished product. More often that not, I’m sure the user over spins the egg.

The big question is will Krumpe be able to deliver a product that spins the egg at that force without breaking the egg? Since the Goose is not yet mass produced, only time will tell. However, as mentioned above under credibility, we believe that this is a good project to trust and support should you be interested in eating or serving golden eggs to your guests.

Manufacturing/Shipping Projects Seems Too Optimistic

It’s obvious any project creator is going to be optimistic about delivering the product. I believe this is the case n this situation. According to their Kickstarter page, here is what the current timeline looks like:

  • June: Pilot production samples and proofs

  • Mid-June: Shipping schedule and assembly procedure

  • July: Travel to factory for pre-production confirmation

  • Mid-July: Final samples approved

  • August: Pilot Production run

  • Mid-August: Shipping to US

  • September: Product received & Assembled – Bumps receive rewards!

  • Mid-September: First production run rewards shipped

  • Early October or Late September: Second production run rewards shipped

Since they have stated that the Goose is not yet a product and still needs time to invest in manufacturing and assembly, I am projecting this project might take a bit longer than September to deliver.

Their project timeline will work out perfectly if nothing goes wrong. The likelihood of a perfect timeline while manufacturing goods in Asia and shipping to the US often proves otherwise. We have even seen projects where the project creator was based in China where manufacturing was taking place and still delivered a few months late. We aren’t sure what the relationship is with the Goose manufacturer or distributor. Worst case scenario, their product is late by couple months barring major setbacks and this product will be delivered before Thanksgiving.

The Final Wrap Up

Despite an optimistic timeline, I would back this project. Many projects are late and as long as the Goose team keeps strong communication with their backers and delivers a quality product, everyone will be happy. The team has created a very innovative product that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the open market. They are backed by a strong leader is Geriant Krumpe who has over 12 years of product design experience. Finally, at $24, a new way to eat, and serve egg dishes is very reasonable.

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