Varius Dock, a new, innovative product from Enblue Technology, gives you one place to charge and display nearly any smartphone or tablet all in an elegant package. Sound like something you need in your life? Get the latest details on how you can Kickstart this project to the market, here.

The Problem: Cord Chaos

It’s a magical moment. You are finally the happy owner of the newest, fastest smartphone or tablet out there. You can’t wait to take it home, but your smile starts to fade as you imagine the cord and charger tangle in your future. Magic gone. Almost.

Is it even possible to charge your iPhone 5 and Samsung tablet with the same dock and dream big at the same time?

Michael Schoening, founder and CEO of Enblue Technology, says yes. And he’ll even one-up your dream with a sleek design and premium quality.

The Plan: Taming the Tangle

Michael had his own cord chaos to wrangle with his family’s mixed-gen device collection. His desire was simple: find a way to charge all his iPods, phones, and tablets at one station.

After searching the market, he couldn’t find the dock that could for example, charge his daughters’ gen 2 iPads (with the 30-pin outlet) and his lightning-equipped iPhone 5. Or, find a station with the flexibility to add a Kindle or Samsung smartphone to his Apple mix.

With his engineering and design background, he decided to take matters into his own hands: the idea for the X1 SINGLE and X2 DUAL was born.

The Products: All-in-One Wonders

After much hard work, Michael created the X1 SINGLE (for one device) and X2 DUAL (for two). These multifunctional docks allow you to simultaneously charge and interact with nearly any device. Changing to a different adaptor takes minutes, while undocking devices takes just 2 fingers.

Available in 7 fabulous finishes from solid gold plating (yes, really) to hardwoods, this low-profile dock also offers stylish sophistication to any room. Want it in the office during the day and the kitchen during dinner prep? Easy. The micro suction tape ensures slip-resistance placement on any flat surface.

Both X1 SINGLE & X2 Dual include:

  • 3 adaptors for compatibility with lightning, Apple 30-pin & Micro-USB
  • USB cable; a double USB cable for the X2
  • Wall charger with 2 ports for seamless Apple or Samsung charging
  • Tablet support inlay for broader support

And a few more details:

  • 7 finishes: Gold, Silver, White, Black, Aluminum, Walnut, Oak, and Bamboo wood
  • materials: single block of aircraft aluminum or fine hardwood
  • iOS7x compatible
  • low-profile dimensions: 100x100x15mm, 3 15/16″x3 15/16″x19/32″

The Pledges: This is Where You Come In

Ready for your own VARIUS X1 or VARIUS X2? Check out the Kickstarter page to find the right pledge for you. Not only can you score a discount on these top-of-the-line products, but you’ll also help them toward their goal. Now that’s a win-win.

Although pledges start at $1, a $25 donation will get you the Apple-and-Samsung-compatible wall charger. The exclusive gold-plated dock starts at $499 for the top-tier supporter, while a creative fan might want to check out the limited-edition art package (starting at $1000). The completely customizable art pledge allows you to create your one-of-a-kind dock in the color of your choice.

They need $50K by February 1st to get Varius Dock to market by April 2014. Translation: Start pledging now!

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