Here’s yet another option for wirelessly mirroring your computer screen to another display, but don’t worry, this one rather impressive. Airtame, the creation of a group of Danish folks, is an HDMI dongle that links your PC — be it running on Windows, OS X or Linux — to whatever display it’s plugged into over WiFi. Installation is a breeze: all you need on the PC side is just the software, and from there you can choose which dongles to beam your screen to. Yes, dongles, because you really can beam one PC to multiple screens, thus beating Miracast. We also played a game on one of the laptops, and the response time on the remote display was surprisingly good.

Airtame’s Indiegogo campaign has long reached its $160,000 goal, but you can still pre-order this $89 dongle in the remaining nine days left. Do also check out our video from the CES show floor after the break.

Airtame wireless dongle mirrors your computer onto any HDMI display

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