Posting updates is a part of every Kickstarter project. It’s the easiest way to share what’s going on with your project and the best way to communicate with backers. To date, creators have posted over 600,000 updates!

This week we added a handy feature that lets creators notify a specific set of backers about an update that matters to them — sparing the in-boxes of the rest. Often when creators are in the midst of fulfilling their project, they have some information to share with backers that may only apply to some of them.

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For instance, maybe one of your rewards is a t-shirt. The day you get the shirts, you want to share a photo with backers, but you don’t want to notify everyone — just the people who will be getting shirts.

Now you can do this on the “Post an update” page by choosing “Select tiers” and checking off one or more tiers. When you publish the update, only those backers will receive an email about it. The update will also show up in the backers’ activity feed on the site and in our app.

You can, of course, still notify all backers about an update. And all updates will appear on the updates tab of the project page, so all backers can check in on the progress of your project.

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