Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my new Kickstarter Project!

My name is Gavin Grant and I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Product Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduation I have spent the summer and fall moving to California, searching for a job, and developing my own projects in my free time. That is where this project was developed.

I have had experience within many crafts including extensive woodworking, metal working and even glass blowing. One of my favorite things to do is take those materials and make them into useful everyday object for everyone to enjoy. 

In this project I plan to make rings from US coins including Quarters and Pennies. This provides a very interesting way to take an everyday object that many of us have in our pockets or on our nightstands, and make it into something beautiful and unique to enjoy every day. These rings have character and every one is unique. The best part of using a quarter is that it is large enough to still read the text after the ring is formed, that way you can proudly show off a significant year, state or just simply have it read United States of America.

The process is fairly straight forward. First thing is to obtain the desired coin. In this case I wanted to use a quarter and have the “Liberty” showing.

Step 2: Drill hole in quarter.

Step 3: Anneal (heat) coin and hammer onto ring mandrel.

Step 4: Continue flattening ring until even and sized correctly.

 Flattened ring ready to be smoothed and polished.

Step 5: Smooth edges to make sure there are no burrs or sharp spots.

 Step 6: Polish.

State Quarter Rings:

 Polished and Hammered Texture Rings:



$20- The first reward tier is for a ring made from a Penny, as seen in the second to last image above.

Pennies from before 1982 were made of copper, however modern pennies are made mostly of zinc. This means depending on the year of the coin, we can get a copper finish or a silver color finish. These rings also come either polished or in a hammered texture. 

Available ring sizes: 4-8, great for a women’s ring.

$25- Second tier reward is a Quarter Ring. These rings will use a Washington Quarters from 1965-1998. These are the “plain” quarters before the state quarters were released. These rings can read either “Liberty and the date” or “United Stated of America and Quarter Dollar”. So please specify what you want showing on the outside of the ring.

Available ring sizes: 8-13

$25- The third reward tier is for a State Quarter Ring. These can be made of a state quarter of your choice with the name of the state showing. 

*Sometimes specific states are difficult to find, however I will do my best to find any state you request.

Available ring sizes: 8-13

$40- The fourth reward tier features a Silver Quarter Ring. Quarters made prior to 1964 consisted of 90% silver, making them much more valuable today. Since these quarters are older and more desirable, finding a specific date is not guaranteed but I would be happy to try and find one for you if requested.

Available ring sizes: 8-13

$45- The fifth and final reward tier is for a Silver State Quarter Ring. The US Mint manufactures a set of “Proof” coins prior to releasing the coins into circulation every year. These proofs are also made of 90% silver, and are quite beautiful. Please select which state you would like.

Available ring sizes: 8-13


Thank you again for taking a look at my project and please message me if you have any questions at all!!

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