I hope you appreciate these designs as much as we do because we have devoted a lot of hard work, dedication and passion to these designs to just bring something totally different and outside the box, very detailed and unique in the dice industry. These mould metal prototypes aren’t 100% completely done yet after all they are just prototypes to show how the finished products are going to look in different colors so the finished products will look 100% better than the prototypes.

Rhythm Metal Dice Collection

Rhythm a new line of metal dice products while Darkness Sequel has a huge project planned to deliver to our valuable Kickstarter gamers, we have decided to start with a few types of metal dice with a variety of colors. Rhythm metal gaming dice is intended to be a mass produced line with hopes that we will entice game stores to carry these products as well as part of someone’s collection. These dice can be used for playing or collecting. 

Rhythm Metal Dice, Bags and Cups Collection

We’re planning to get a mass production order together so everyone can get them in higher quality products at the lowest possible price. The final product will be solid metal, matte antiqued with corrosion effects. Our mould designer’s do outstanding work; the metal casting process is extensively used in manufacturing because of its many advantages and difficulties. Mould naturally leaves details and artifacts that are nicely done that some 3d printing and Precision machined won’t have. Our molding process is precisely done by hand; this does give them a certain character, though which has its own elegance.

The Dice Line Up



Solid Metal Polyhedral Dice Steel

Add $8 to any pledge to get a Metals 20-Sided Die in Steel

Add $26 to any pledge to get Metals 7-Die Set (D4, D6, D8, D10, D1%, D12 and D20)


Rhythm metal are a set of custom designed dice made with bronze/brass material and will eventually come in multiple colors, but we have decided to start with the most requested color that hasn’t been seen in metal dice material lines often like- antique gold, antique pewter, antique bronze, antique copper, antique gold, black nickel and silver corrosion . We are also investigating the feasibility of offering a variety of other simple lines of colors- gold, copper, bronze, silver and more colored dice as options

In order to produce metal dice, we need all of your help here on Kickstarter. We already made the moulds but we need your help and support for production without your help this project won’t go any further and then get these dice packaged and shipped. We have a variety of exciting rewards we also have a full slate of outstanding stretch goal rewards to offer.

The Dice Bag Line Up
The Dice Cup Line Up

$17,000 - If we reach this goal we will be able to make the d6 dice smaller than the 25mm prototype and make it available in 22mm.

$27,000 - If we reach this goal we will be able to make the d6 dice smaller than 22mm and make it available in 20mm.

$37,000 - If we reach this goal we will be able to make the d6 dice smaller than 20mm and make it available in 18mm.

Antique Bronze d20 Dice
Antique Gold d12 Dice
Antique Copper d6 Dice
Antique Pewter d4 Dice

ABOUT METAL CASTING The metal casting process is extensively used in manufacturing because of its many advantages.

1. Molten material can flow into very small sections so that intricate shapes can be made by this process. As a result, many other operations, such as machining, forging, and welding, can be minimized or eliminated.

2. It is possible to cast practically any material that is ferrous or non-ferrous.

3. As the metal can be placed exactly where it is required, large saving in weight can be achieved.

4. The necessary tools required for casting molds are very complex and expensive.

5. There are certain parts made from metals and alloys that can only be processed this way.

6. Size and weight of the product is not a limitation for the casting process.

Storey Dice

Note:This beautifully crafted Storey Dice as you can see it has a pearl colored loose ball inside to make the dice roll faster which will be a red ball in final production.


1. Dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the castings made by sand casting processes are a limitation to this technique. Many new casting processes have been developed which can take into consideration the aspects of dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Some of these processes are die casting process, investment casting process, vacuum-sealed molding process, and shell molding process.

2. The metal casting process is a labor intensive process

Dragondie in Progress
Dragondie in Progress

Note: As you can see the numbers on the Dragondie Dice prototype are a little bit hard to see so in mass production they will be on top of the dragon and larger so it’s easier to read.

There are plenty of custom dice out there. Dice also are simply just fun little tactile toys. Metal dice are somewhat less common as well, and these designs just seem to really work well in metal. I believe these designs to be unique and appealing, fitting with games that have a mechanical theme. I’d love to have some of these dice in my collection, and I’d love to get them to other people who might be interested as well. So, I’m bringing these designs to Kickstarter to see if we can put together a sufficiently sized order to make these Rhythm Metal Dice happen at a good price point.

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