Handmade Mist brand herbal vaporizer seeks crowdfunding to launch product.

WILMINGTON, DEL.—Herbal vaporizers can be large and clunky, but with the increased popularity of herbal vaporization, demand has grown for portable vaporizers. Inventor and woodworker David DeMeglio has designed the Mist brand vaporizer, a beautiful, hand-held herbal vaporizer crafted from fine quilted maple. DeMeglio has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $125,000 by July 13 to help mass produce and market his new design.

DeMeglio’s Mist brand herbal vaporizer is compact and has the option to run on batteries or an AC outlet. The Mist is small enough to fit in a cigarette pack; it measures approximately 3 by 1 3/4 by 7/8 inches. “The unit is a convenient size and easy to use,” said DeMeglio. With its precise but variable temperature setting, the Mist herbal vaporizer provides high-quality vapors while avoiding burning or unwanted smoke. The temperature regulation is accomplished by using a high quality thermocouple and a pre programmed on board microprocessor.

The Mist vaporizer is skillfully handcrafted from quilted maple. Quilted maple has a naturally curved and interlocking grain that appears almost three dimensional when finished. “It really is a beautiful device as well as functional,” said DeMeglio. The entire unit is lead-free and made in America, including the electronic board that is etched and soldered by a Pennsylvania company.

The complete kit includes the Mist vaporizer unit with a built-in inhalation tube, two Li-polymer batteries with charger, and an AC adaptor. Other products available from DeMeglio include custom herb grinders made from a selection of exotic woods – bocote, tulipwood, and lacewood. The grinders feature aluminum blades and serve as a storage container for ground herbs.

The crowdfunding campaign will fund mass production and marketing for the Mist vaporizer. Supporters of the campaign will be rewarded with perks. Supporters giving a $50 contribution will receive a Bocote Herb Grinder, and supporters giving a $100 contribution will receive a Tulipwood Herb Grinder. Contributors at the $500 level will receive the Mist vaporizer.

For more information about the Mist herbal vaporizer, visit www.mistvaporizer.com. To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit igg.me/at/mistvaporizer/x.

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