1. Login in Gmail.
2. Open “settings” by clicking the gear icon.   
3. Click the “accounts and import” tab.

4. Look for the “Add a POP3 mail account you own” and click it.
5. A new window will open, enter your TheSohoLoft email then click “Next Step”.

6. Input the username / email and password. Replace the POP Server with gator3163.hostgator.com. Use 995 for the port.

7. Click Add Account.
8. After adding the account, you will be asked if “Would you also like to be able to send mail as…”
9. Choose “Yes”. This will set up outgoing email.
10. After that, you will be asked to enter your name for the email and click “Next Step”.

11. The smtp configuration will appear. Replace the SMTP address with “gator3163.hostgator.com”, Use “465″ for port and Add your username and password again for TheSohoLoft email.
12. Click Add Account.
13. The confirm verification tab will appear. You will receive the verification code in your gmail. It takes a few seconds or minutes sometimes.

14. Add the code then click verify.
15. Once it is verified, you can now send and receive your TheSohoLoft emails in your gmail.

Adding Signature in Your TheSohoLoftl email using Gmail

1. Open settings in gmail.

2.  Add this byline and edit with your assigned roles and info

Your Name


Your job title 
The Soho Loft | www.TheSohoLoft.com
One Penn Plaza, 49th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Connect with us on Linkedin Facebook Google+ Twitter
Subscribe to our RSS Feeds​: The Soho Loft 

3. upload the TheSohoLoft logo as part of your signature by clicking the “image” attachment.

4.  Click “OK” then “Save Changes”

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