Woodford Design would like to further develop the cord with extra features and has set predetermined stretch goals. The Quickdraw Cable is Apple MFI certified and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

BRISTOL, UK–Since launching a Kickstarter campaign last week, Woodford Design has seen a massive response for their innovative Quickdraw Lightning Cable and has hit their primary goal of £10,000 in just 5 days. The success is great news for the company because it shows that there is a high demand for the innovative cable. Supporters are pleased because funding is secure to manufacture the cable and deliver it to them. Though the initial goal has been reached, the Kickstarter Campaign is not yet finished. From the start, there has been an intention to develop the cord even further and provide additional features once preset stretch goals are achieved. Woodford Design chose to launch on Kickstarter in order to help raise funding to manufacture the cord and also to engage their customers in a conversation concerning their Lightning cord design requests.

Woodford Design desired to develop a cord for Lightning equipped 8 pin Apple devices that outlasts all others. They have such confidence in their resulting product and they are offering a lifetime guarantee. In researching various cables they found that many were not Apple MFI certified and therefore stopped working after software updates. The Quickdraw Cable has been fully certified with Apple and will operate after iPhone and iPad iOS updates.

The Quickdraw Cable is strong and durable. After discovering that typical cords have a failure point at the plug and cable connection, Woodford Design developed their new cord with resilient plug housing. All parts are made with top quality materials and are molded together, including the electronics, 8 pin connector, cable, and woven sheath. The design creates a durable plug with fully enclosed electronics. The cord has a woven silver flex cable that is stronger and will not tangle.

A magnetic cable tidy has been built into the cord design, which allows users to easily set the cable where it will be held in place until the next use. It comes with a very small self-adhesive metal disk that can attach to a desk, a car dash, or any other surface. This clever design helps iPhone and iPad users to quickly find their charging cable.

Now that the initial goal has been reached and surpassed, both Woodford Design and its supporters are optimistic for the prospect of extra features. If £15,000 is raised, two additional color choices will be produced for the cable. If £40,000 is raised, a charging indicator light will be implemented, which will glow orange when the device is still charging and green when the device is fully charged. No other MFI certified Lightning cable incorporates this type of design.

Backers of the Quickdraw Cable that pledge at least £10 will receive the cord with free worldwide shipping. Higher level supporters are gifted multiple cables, which can be used in various locations or given away as gifts. To view more about the Quickdraw Lightning Cable offered by Woodford Design and to become a supporter of the Kickstarter project, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/woodforddesign/quickdraw-cable-for-iphone-and-ipad. The company welcomes feedback from backers concerning the design of the Quickdraw Lightning Cable.

About Woodford Design:

Woodford Design is known for its high quality Apple accessories. The small company is located in the UK and develops new products regularly, which are innovative, unique, and stylish. Since its founding in 2011, 10 products have been successfully developed, manufactured, and sold. Woodford Design products can be viewed at www.woodforddesign.com

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