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The Soho Loft and FundingPost will host this investor-focused event sponsored by Greenberg Traurig, Draper University, Social Radius and Pura Vida Tequilla.

PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 5, 2014 - NEW YORK – Silicon Valley, home of leading tech corporations and foremost center for innovation and advancement in the US, accounts for almost a third of all the venture capital investment in the country. It is also the venue for this year’s Early-stage VC, Angel and Crowdfunding Conference happening on Thursday, February 6, 2014 from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm (PST) at the Draper University of Heroes, 44 E. 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, California.

Silicon Valley is known for being the birthplace of some of the latest technologies we have today. Many VCs and Angel Investors are on the look-out for sound investment opportunities in technology, media and the Internet.

The legendary Tim Draper, the venture capitalist who popularized ‘viral marketing’ and is attributed with the phenomenal hits of Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail will be the main speaker. Draper’s ideas have now morphed to become orthodox marketing methods used by many businesses today.

Many revolutionary ideas could not take off during the early stage because of lack of funding. This explains why this event will focus more on early-stage investing – how to meet investors and how to pitch your ideas. This conference aims to provide startups and innovators a network of potential investors who just might cut their first check or give them their first round of funding.

“The primary funding for many businesses is often the most difficult to raise, we are hopeful that new methods of raising capital can help the new generation of entrepreneurs raise much-needed capital,” says David Drake, Founder and Chairman of The Soho Loft.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for early-stage companies to meet face to face with investors,” says Joe Rubin, Director of the FundingPost. “Success stories come when entrepreneurs are introduced to investors who can finance their ideas and put them into action,” adds Rubin.

The VC and Angel panel will discuss hot topics like what angels and VCs look for in startups. The discussions will help provide the necessary tools for success in early-stage firms. The participants will have more time to network with the potential investors as they swig cocktail glasses.

The following are the VCs and Angels who will speak in this event:

Tim Draper, Draper University

Andrew Tweed, Thomvest Ventures

David Koehn, Sand Hill Angels

Steve Schlenker, DN Capital

Guarav Tewari, SAP Ventures

Tim Wilson, Artiman

Jan Jannink, Band of Angels

Mark Putney, Band of Angels

Val Babajov, VoiVoda Ventures

David Blumberg, Blumberg Capital

The panel on Crowdfunding will focus mainly on, among other topics, the current state of crowd investing in real estate.  A case in point: The success of Fundrise, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms for real estate, has allowed even unaccredited investors to invest directly in their local real estate. Many neighborhoods were enriched and cities were transformed as the people build places they care about through public ownership.

Joey Jelinek of Groundbreaker, another emerging real estate crowdfunding platform, says, “Crowdfunded capital can also help unique or atypical projects get funded. Crowdfunders are willing to invest in geographies where institutions want to stay away from. Folks who live in these smaller towns are more interested in investing locally.”

Speakers for the Crowdfunding panel include:

David Drake , LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft

Steve Cinelli , Primarq

Sydney Armani, CrowdFundBeat

Joey Jelinek, Groundbreaker

Mark Pelmutter, MicroAngels and WebSummits

Another highlight of the afternoon will be the launch of the CrowdFunding World Summit’s State of the States Report. Drake calls this “the leading report on what states are doing while waiting for the federal crowdfunding law under the JOBS Act.”

David Drake, who wrote the foreword to this report, has this to say: “State movement towards crowdfunding shows the grassroots demanding release of regulations allowing the democratization of funding to occur.”

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