Wave Hooks is currently on it’s way to destroying it’s $3,000 goal on Kickstarter. With 18 days to go, Michael Aylesworth has raised just over $7,000. Kicktraq has this project trending towards raising $16,714, which would be 553% of the original target goal. So what is Michael’s secret? Let’s break this project down.

Wave Hooks is a shower accessory meant to hold specific items such as a beer, wine glass, or normal bathing items. Aylesworth’s product is 3D printed in the comfort of his own home and he estimates that he can produce 50 -75 Wave Hooks a month.  At a price point of $15 for one wine glass holder, these have been selling out on Kickstarter.

To be honest, I see nothing special about the Wave Hooks. In a simple google search you could find exactly what Aylesworth is selling on a major site like Amazon. However, Aylesworth may have a simple and otherwise boring product, but his salesmanship and Kickstarter presentation was A+.

The Breakdown

Despite the poor quality, Aylesworth had a phenomenal video. In a very Billy Mays fashion, he went to work on the potential backer. In the first 10 seconds of his video, he’s introduced himself and begun to show off his first product. By wasting no time, he continues to capture the backers attention which is always dwindling. He uses an excellent  demonstration by shaking the beer holder and saying “even in a earthquake, it’s not going anywhere.” Despite the odds of an Earthquake being very rare, he demonstrates the quality of his product by showing and not telling.

Aylesworth then goes on to talk about his most popular product, the wine glass holder. Nothing fancy, just a simple suction cup, plastic holder that allows you to enjoy a glass of wine while taking a bath. He even describes a situation in which he loves to come home after a long days work and enjoy a hot bath with a glass of wine. Pure genius. While I highly doubt that he actually does that, I’m positive many  people including my mother can relate to that.

Perfect Pledge Rewards

The way he organized his pledge goals was exceptional. He kept the total amount of his pledge tiers to 12 different levels. Most successful projects keep their pledge tiers between 7-9 different options. While the Wave Hooks certainly went over that, Aylesworth put  cap on all of his pledge tiers which is not often seen. It’s something I preach to many projects and wish it would become more of trend.

Putting a cap on your pledge tiers means that Aylesworth  has a definitive timeline at which he can produce his product. By having a concrete timeline, he make make sure his backers recieve their product on time. An often occurrence with projects who become super-funded is that they could have never projected a proper timeline due to the crazy influx of backers and money. This in turn pushes back their delivery timeline substantially which could lead to unhappy backers.

What We Can Take Away

The biggest thing that you can take away from this project was Aylesworth’s perfect execution. He took a very appealing idea (wine glass holder in the bathtub) and created a very effective project around it. He kept his video to a short 1:30 and sold his product with out giving a pseudo emotional story. Aylesworth displayed large images of his product and and put a cap on his pledge rewards to ensure customers he could deliver on time. Great project execution and I recommend a beer holder!

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