People buy cases mainly to protect their precious phones, but very few offer functional versatility, and you’re often forced to give them up when you upgrade. Well, that may no longer be a problem thanks to a new minimalistic solution dubbed Snap. This attachment system starts off with a circular, low-profile female connector that’s only 3mm thick and 25mm wide, and it can stick onto any device or case thanks to its strong, commercial-grade 3M adhesive. You can then secure different types of Snap accessories with a simple twist; and when detached, the slim socket barely gets in the way.

This 3mm-thick connector will let you Snap things onto your phone

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This Indiegogo campaign is launching with two compatible accessories: an earbud wrap and a money clip. That said, the company — also dubbed Snap — hopes to eventually build up an ecosystem with a whole range of accessories, including a tabletop mount, a car mount and a bike mount (we also suggested adding a sports armband). Interested backers can head over to the Indiegogo page to grab either a Snap Wallet or a Snap Earbud Wrap for $12 each ($2 off for the first 500 backers for each), and they will ship as early as July. Snap is also offering bulk deals for distributors: $500 for a pack of 75 units or $1,000 for a pack of 200.

Interestingly, this is actually Snap’s second attempt to utilize a crowdfunding platform — it previously launched on Kickstarter, but the team then decided to move the project over to Indiegogo. Despite the abrupt change, it should be noted that the Snap’s inventor, Eric Child, has also been on ABC’s Shark Tank and successfully pitched his other cool invention, the FiberFix. As for the company’s two Utah-based founders, Craig Morris and Nate Bradshaw, they used to work at the renowned gadget accessories maker Zagg, so that should be some reassurance in the final product.

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