7) Gnome & Bow: Storytelling Bags 

A bag that tells stories… who’d be keen on that? A lot of people it seems. These concept-driven men’s fashion bags and accessories from Singapore have already received more than $20k in pledges and still have 24 days to go. Not bad for a first-time crowdfunder! And if you’re wondering how the bags tell stories? Each has its own unique story embedded into the them, i.e. zips that will forever tell the story of the hare and the tortoise. (Source: Pozible)

6) Grilled Cheesus

Who can forget this weird and wonderful campaign from Kickstarter, circa Dec 2011? The team behind it crowdfunded to create a GRILLED CHEESUS™, an electronic sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus onto your sandwich bread! Great for anyone who loves cheese, religion, or simply enjoys a clever pun! (Source: Kickstarter)

5) Giant Rabbits Invade Sydney Harbour 

Artist Amanda Parer plans to put illuminated giant rabbits in the most photographed spot in Sydney, Australia: right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Her campaign, although crazy, actually carries a pretty cool message about invasion: rabbits were introduced to Australia from Britain 200+ years ago and went on to become the most destructive of all the feral animals introduced to the country. (Source: Pozible)

4) Jeffrey Self’s New Tooth 

Another oldie, but undoubtedly classic crazy crowdfunding campaign was Jeffrey Self’s New Tooth campaign. The poor health-insuranceless  Californian lost 50% of one tooth. But not for long, as 183 people pitched in and got him the replacement tooth and root canal he needed… leaving the rest of us questioning whether this approach is actually more clever than taking out health insurance.
(source: Indiegogo)

3) Just a pint and a parma

Just like poor old Jeffrey Self, struggling musician James Bower needed some money to help out… in fact, exactly $22 – to go to his local pub to enjoy his favorite chicken parmigiana and a pint of beer. Pozible pledgers clearly felt for him and chipped in $259 towards his cause. (Source: Pozible)

2) Jokes on you: sky

Californian Comedian Kurt Braunohler had all of his LA crowdfunders giggling when he pulled off his ‘Ridiculous Clouds’ campaign last year, when a plane sky-wrote the words: ‘How Do I Land’. The joke was paid for by 257 backers who pitched in $6,820 to pay for the plane. (Source: Kickstarter)

1) Jafflechutes

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… oh wait, its a toasted cheese sandwich being delivered in a parachute. In what may be one of the craziest (and most fun) crowdfunding venture to date, the team behind Jafflechutes are taking a love of melted cheese to a whole new level – in some cases seven floors up. They plan to ‘drop in’ on New York City very soon. Those who pre-order can nominate the time they’d like to receive jaffles (aka: toasted sandwiches) and will receive instructions about where to go to await their special delivery. (Source:Pozible)

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