LumiLife Sets The Mood For Any Occasion With LED Globe

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LumiLife is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help them bring a new portable LED globe to market. Their project began in April by founders Ellen Wang and Andrew Wen based in San Francisco. The entire team is made up of 5 people all with software, manufacturing, and product development background.

As of right now, they are not on pace to hit their goal. According to Kicktraq, there are only on pace to hit 48% of their $60,000 goal. And I’m not sure why, let’s delve into the details of their project.

As far as their product and idea goes, its pretty smart and current with popular trends. I stayed in a hotel a few months back in Las Vegas that color changing LED lights in the room and it was beyond cool. Turning off all the dull white light and switching to a slowly changing LED bulb really sets the perfect, relaxed mood.

That’s where I see the LumiLife come in. Its the perfect light to set a tranquil environment for your room. One of the LumiLifes best features, the sunrise mode, allows you to sync your alarm and let you peacefully wake up to like the beginning of dawn instead of an annoying buzz.

The LumiLife is a parallel to the recently popular wave of bluetooth speakers. Both are perfect for your room or smaller area and give off the right vibe. Obviously, the bluetooth speakers won’t rock a party and the LumiLife won’t light up your entire house.

However, at 75 lumens for the globe and 150 lumens from the base with over 16 million colors to choose from, you’ll be able to control the vibe for your room or any other room in the house due.

THE STEAL – $40 for one LumiLife

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