Crowdfunding Newsletters

The idiom “Content is king” applies to every crowdfunding campaign. Both project-consumer and startup-investor communications, however, consist of many different channels. One widely underused channel is the crowdfunding newsletter, a versatile and adaptable means of getting information to subscribers timely and efficiently.

The Various Types of Crowdfunding Newsletters

Crowdfunding newsletter forms

Based on your campaign’s status, you will need to publish an array of articles and updates. The following ideas cover some of the newsletters you might create before or during a campaign. Afterwards, when targeting immediate customers and shareholders, the format will likely change. Until then, campaigns should first decide on content orientation.

  • Brand-Focused Crowdfunding Newsletters: Campaigns use such content to construct a bigger brand. Such publications include industry news snippets, updates, product reviews and tutorials as well as many other expository articles.
  • Audience-Focused Crowdfunding Newsletters: Campaigns can create general interest articles to establish ethos and build relationships. These crowdfunding newsletters encourage reader engagement.

Note the difference in tone, style and presentation for both categories above. Consider how you might add one or more of the following to the aforesaid formats.

  • Success Story: Highlight when you’ve achieved a goal or when a portion of your campaign goes above-and-beyond.
  • FAQ: Answer common contributor questions directly, bringing in other relevant information for a fuller crowdfunding newsletter.
  • Burn the List: Solicit your products and services to garner more donations. Such newsletters should not go out weekly, but do take the opportunity to link to information that might result in a sale, donation or investment.
  • Survey: Pose questions to your audience to gauge your campaign’s progress and assemble audience data. Survey results make excellent papers later on.
  • Auto-Responder: Publish a series of pre-written articles over a set duration, all pertaining to one topic (i.e. how-to articles). These are low-maintenance—perfect for the busy crowdfunder.
  • Profile: Feature specific employees and contributors who impact your campaign in a big way. Alternatively, accept guest columns that readers might find valuable.
  • Events: Write about upcoming events—either online or offline—and ask subscribers to R.S.V.P.
  • Interviews: Pick the brain of someone influential in the industry, someone who will speak on trends and offer generic advice to readers.

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