Get a Logo: Crowdfunding Brand Identity

Written by Michael Ibberson on February 12, 2015. Posted in Campaign Advice

We typically associate logos with businesses—sometimes professionals and products. Yet many other ventures warrant a symbol, such as events and campaigns. This makes sense because such situations rely heavily on both verbal and visual communication to boost awareness and glean support. Crowdfunding projects are no different; they are a legitimate form of fundraising. For this reason, projects need to focus on their crowdfunding brand identity.

While much more goes into a crowdfunding brand identity than a logo, it gives us a place to jump into the topic since logos deliver lots of information quickly and succinctly. In fact, logos greatly influence memorability and recognisability, regardless how small or simple. Unfortunately, lots of campaigns slap on generic logos not realizing the wasted potential. To illustrate this point, consider how many logos you can trace by memory. Surely, some symbols that come to mind are for businesses you cannot name. What about slogans? Which do you commit to memory more easily?

Get a Logo: Crowdfunding Brand Identity

Logo Usability

Simple, eye-catching logos leave lasting impressions, a factor that affects conversion rates and social motility. In this sense, logos function as more than just decoration. Men with Pens argues logos are versatile graphics that can appear on a variety of mediums (i.e. letterheads, ads, profile pictures, social icons and more). Since they amalgamate different facets of a brand, they become a key conveyor of project values, goals and believes across multiple channels.

Although some projects view logos and brands as superfluous, it’s an aspect of crowdfunding that demands greater emphasis. Verbal communication is paramount, but visual communication deserves attention too. If you’re up to the challenge, begin with Smashing Magazine’s logo-making tutorial. Otherwise, add graphic design to the project’s budget. Share your tips on logo-making below and/or reference your favourites. We’ll return to the concept of crowdfunding brand identity in future posts.

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