The men’s suit boutique has a new line of custom tailored shirts. They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to establish the new first-rate clothing line.

SYDNEY, Australia–Buttons ‘n’ Threads introduces their first collection of exquisite dress shirts, tailor-made to each person’s measurements, ensuring the perfect fit and the finest quality. They have launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to make the shirts available to all. The project, The Finest Shirts, has a funding goal of $15,000 USD and will run until July 13, 2014.

The men’s fashion start-up makes luxury clothing affordable by providing high quality, customized suits and accessories through their website, Since its success in providing quality clothing for men, a new line of dress shirts is being introduced. Many top shirt designers give an illusion of luxury with inflated prices and tend to spend more money on marketing than the actual quality of product. Buttons ‘n’ Threads challenges consumers to be aware of what really goes into the making of their clothes as opposed to the label on the shirt. They would like to give their customers a luxurious shirt made with the best practices and materials for a price that is well under the retail price of dress shirt equivalents, such as Charvet and Fray. Customers need only pay for the quality that is given to the shirt.

The Finest Shirts by Buttons ‘n’ Threads offer maximum value. For instance, it takes 11 hours for the company to produce a custom shirt, compared to only 30 minutes for an off-the-rack designer shirt. The items will be made at a specialized factory that produces a limited quantity of shirts, monthly, in order to provide care in each product. They are made with 100% Egyptian cotton fabrics from the best mills in the world. The special material is climate adaptive, allowing the shirts to be worn in all seasons.

Every detail is made with only the best in mind. Each buttonhole is fashioned with 200 stitches, which prevents fraying. The shirt is constructed using 23-25 stitches per inch, providing a very dense stitch that is nearly invisible and therefore gives an elegant look, while also creating durability not found in any other shirt. The shank buttons are fabricated from Australian Mother of Pearl, creating ease of buttoning with a strong and sleek design. Since the buttons are wrapped, buttoning is made simple and prevents fabric tugging. Collars come with collar stays that preserve the shape and curvature of the collar but can be easily removed. The dress shirts contain a barely visible 3mm French seam, giving them a clean finish. Every kind of pattern will be matched and synchronized perfectly throughout the design, even matched from shoulder to sleeve, a detail only found in the finest quality dress shirts.

An early bird special is available to 100 backers who support the campaign with $99. The early supporters receive a premium dress shirt that is custom tailored with monogrammed initials and worth $129. In the future, those who support the campaign will have special access to the dress shirt catalogue on the Buttons ‘n’ Threads website. To support real quality at affordable prices, visit the campaign page at

About Buttons ‘n’ Threads:

Buttons ‘n’ Threads specializes in made-to-order men’s fine clothing. They have created an easy way to purchase tailored suits online. Each suit is made upon ordering with the finest fabrics, providing a perfect fit. The men’s fashion company was founded by Sanchit Baweja and Yashas Alur in September of 2013. Upon graduating from The Australian National University, Sanchit and Yashas were in search of fine suits made of the finest fabrics. As students, they were unable to find any in their price range, so they had some made back home, in India. In order to provide the same tailor-made quality suits for men at reasonable prices, they started Buttons ‘n’ Threads. Since its beginnings, the company has received raving reviews from customers. 

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