High-Quality Figurines In Amazing Detail Up For Grabs!


British Columbia, Canada, July 146h 2014: Shapeit, a small but growing company based in Vancouver, Canada has kicked off a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding campaign, in which gamers can bring their favorite game characters to life as 3D-printed figurines shipped directly to their door!


As an avid gamer you undoubtedly have many favorite titles featuring a diverse and colorful range of cool gaming characters. Perhaps you have spent years customizing your game character to perfection through upgrades, in-app purchases, or by spending countless hours solving puzzles and quests. Or perhaps you just have favorite games that feature some cool looking character art that would look great as figurines on your desk, but none are available for purchase anywhere? If you’re not into video games, ShapeIt will 3D print any picture you send them—selfies, sketches–you name it.


Shapeit is a talented team of passionate developers and 3D-designers currently developing a unique in-game API for game developers, through which gamers can select, customize, order, and manufacture real-life 3D printed figurines. As part of their crowdfunding efforts, supporters of the campaign are granted a unique opportunity to order their very own custom 3D-figurine in different sizes and options. By providing a series of screenshots and specifications, supporters can immortalize their favorite game characters by pledging their support directly to the developer.


Check out and support the campaign today:


And don’t forget to view the impressive campaign introduction video:


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Group Photo


Group Photo Hi-Res (direct link)


Group Photo Low-Res (direct link)


Silver Knight on Hand


Journalists interested in further information, additional assets or developer interviews are welcome to contact Vlad Bogdanov by sending an email to Members of the press are likewise encouraged to visit the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates to the ongoing campaign:




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